KL, day 2


Day 2!!!

Yup... Wake up only camwhore. Hahahaha

Found this signboard rather interesting!

SOOOO CUTE! Didn't get to buy it 'cus the shop was closed. Cld only snap a picture of it from the outside of the shop :(

Er... Okay. "Do you suffering'' LOL


Hehehe, cotton candy icecream, AGAIN.

Off to Sungei Wang! Think it's pretty popular among the teens thr? According to what I heard from my dad.

Lots of hp covers over thr. Got myself 2! Hehe :)


I think their deserts are really unique. Didn't get to try any though, was too full :(

6PM: Back to the hotel to bid goodbye to the kids and get our lugagge

Arrived at the budget terminal....

Really love this pic cus my grandma looks so happy! A pity its blur :(

See... Really budget. Gotta climb up the stairs to the plane on our own! Hahahaha

Home sweet home after a 40 min journey!
Quite a good getaway although it's rather short :) Gotta thank my aunt for planning this trip! Plus I received me lotsa kitty stuffs from her again. Hehehe. She's so nice lor. I LOVE HER!!!