KL, day 1


It was a really short trip to KL. Went for like only 2 days. But to me it was more than enough cus there honestly wasn't much there. It's just like SG....... Not much of a diff at all :/ Even all the shops there are surprisingly similar. Totally wasn't what I expected :( But yea I'm still gonna blog abt it! :)

So yup, part of the reason why my family decided to go to KL was because of the train we were gonna take there........

Which is at Tanjong Pagar! IF I'm not wrong.... Rmb being thr once.

Everything there is SUPER old school.

SEE. Told you my skin's not flawless.

Grabbed a bite at the coffeshop before boarding the train

And the seats on the train........... SPACIOUS. Way way way more spacious than a plane's. I slept damn comfortably throughout the 7 hour journey. Hahaha. And yes, the journey took 7 hours.

Here we are at our hotel!

Decided to take a lil rest before heading out for early dinner. So I had some time to camwhore... Hehe.

Yummy peanut ice kachang.... Does anyone know if there's anywhere in SG that sells this?

Favourite bubblegum

Then to the Pavillion to shop after dinner. And many other places. Didn't take pictures tho, cus there was nth special. Hahaha.

Back to the hotel for some cocktails before calling it a day! SNOWBALLLLLL!!!!!