Blackberry housings


HI GUYS! Here's the advert that most of you hve been waiting for! Hehehe. FINALLY.

Make a guess what it's about? (K la you'd prolly hve noticed the title. LOL) But yes it's gonna be really useful to majority of you!


One of the reasons why I love BB!!! You can change your housings! And even the themes. Hehe :) What more do I have to say?!! Hurry visit CRAZY RUNWAY now and order your housings before the preorder closes! They have a wide variety of colours for almost every model! All super chio! NTM cheap as well! Like only $30 per housing? CHEAP OR WHUT RIGHT. I got my previous one for abt $50 lor :( Kena con... Hahahaha. K la quick quick go take a look! You'll love it. Wished I cld order all colours for myself lor! Then everyday change one colour. HAHAHA.

State my name for a 5% discount! :)

P/S: I'm currently using baby pink :)