USA, day 9


The long awaited day..... DISNEYLAND!!!!

I was sooooo excited to see how Disney Land looked like!!! The last time I actually visited Disney Land was when I was 2? In Japan. And I couldn't even remember a single thing. I only have pictures to look at. And looking at them just makes me even more excited!!!! Hahaha. But wouldn't it be so much better if they actually brought me to Japan now instead? Sigh~ Why spend money on tickets for a 2 year old toddler who doesn't know anything right. What a waste :( But well, I guess I was one fortunate baby afterall!

So yep anyway..... Here we are at Disney Land!

Yep, it was raining at first when we got there but fortunately started to cease after awhile

The 1st ride we took!

And the 2nd one! NIGHTMARE BEFORE X'MAS!!!! Cute!!!!

My aunt was going cuckoo on the ride... Literally nudging me constantly the whole time asking me to snap pictures of this and that. Couldn't stop shouting in excitement ''OMG! SO CUTE! TAKE THIS!!!'' Hahahaha. Just so you knw, she's one hardcore cartoon fanatic. She LOVES Sanrio like mad. NTM Emily the Strange, Nightmare bfore X'mas, Astro Boy and etc. Her house is like Disney Land lor. Hahahaha. Srsly not smthg you would expect from a woman her age! Will take a picture of her place and post it up if I happen to have the chance and if she allows me. Hehehe

Carousel!!! Wnted to take lor but my aunt all say I lame :(

Yummy cute pretzels for a snack!

It's a small world!!! Hehehe grandma's favourite.

Trying all kinds of hats... Hahahaha.

Inside Minnie's house!!!!!


A hot chocolate on a cold day......... SHIOK.

They have kids everywhere wearing such headgears. Hahaha. CUTE LA!!!! So tempted to just kidnap them.


Back to the hotel~~~~

And out again for shopping and dinner!

Didn't manage to try their Tony Romas cuz everyone was too sick of western food :( :(