USA, day 8


Since I'll be gone tmr morning and wouldn't be able t blog for a few days.... I've decided to update on another short entry on day 8 of my trip!

Leaving Laughlin for LA :)

Stopped by the Calico Ghost Town!

Dined at the restaurant there with full of peanut shells on the floor. We were actually told to throw them on the floor :/ I think it's their culture or sthg? Kinda weird. Hahaha.

Gigantic cup of soda again!

It started to rain after and we had t leave :( The girls told me that there was this shack where u cld actually see water running uphill! It has sthg to do with gravity. SOOOO COOL!! But I missed it, sigh ohwellsss :( And yep that was the end of day 8, hahaha. The rest of the day was spent on the bus journey to Los Angeles!

So...... Yuppers. TILL THEN GUYS! Hve fun!!! Blog again whn I'm back!