USA, day 7


Off to the Grand Canyon again to watch the sunrise this time!!!! Had to wake up early in the morning so that we cld catch the sunrise in time.

Looking like a ball with 3 layers of clothes. Hahaha preparing myself to fight the coldness!

The sunrise............ MAGNIFICENT. After watching the sunrise there I can seriously forget about going to SG's ECP and all to watch sunrise. LOL. Nothing to be compared! (K I know I've been complaining abt how inferior SG is to USA but trust me... Once you've been there, you'd do the same)

I really really like the place. Love how everything there makes the place look so dreamy.

Wld totally buy this house (if I posess the capablity) and stay there 4eva. Hahaha.

At the Bright Angel Trail!!!

Leaving Grand Canyon to go back to the hotel for breakfast :)

What I ate for actually almost everyday till I kinda got sick of scrambled eggs and beef sticks. Hahaha. It's like standard breakfast for every hotel :/

Leaving the souvenir shops to go to the Grand Canyon Caverns!

Off to the super cool barber shop.

The shop actually has a salon in it at a corner. Damn cute.


Convenient packaging for cereals! Can jst pour the milk in. Hahaha. So smart lor the Americans! But at the same time it just makes everyone lazier...... Hahaha.

Back to the hotel early so tht we cld play jackpot... Hehehe. Enthu family. LOL