USA, day 3


When I was in the hotel's balcony. Couldn't stop taking pictures because the sunlight makes the pictures look so pretty!!! Hahaha pardon me and my face...

Off to the Seventeen Miles!!! Stopped by some club otw with fucking awesome scenery.

A SUPER CUTE POODLE!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to give it a big hug so bad cus it was so fluffy and big! Cute ttm!!!! But apparently when I started to approach it, it wasn't as friendly as it looks.....


K so here we are at the Seventeen Miles!!!!!! What more can I say about the view. PERFECT. Would die to build a house and stay there. It's like the nicest beach I've ever been to?! The ones in SG are NOTHING near that lor. Or else I wouldn't mind going every weekend to sun tan and enjoy the view. Hahahaha. And I know it looks sunny. But trust me......... IT WAS COLD AS HELL.

Visiting the tallest tree....... Which I didn't take pictures of cuz it didn't really interest me. I kinda liked the view instead. Hahaha.

Flavoured crickets which I wanted to try effing bad!!!! Bacon and cheese *_* YUMS. But I didn't get the chance to cuz my aunts were like ''SIAO AH?! DON'T WANT LA!'' Sian lor. I was damn sad. It was one of the foods that I told myself I must try when I go there la :( If anyone happens to see it at wherever you're visiting do buy a pack for me ok!!!!!! Hahahaha. I want bacon and cheese one!

At a golf club which was super peaceful and full of rich retired folks enjoying life. ENVIES* Didn't take much pictures there though cuz there wasn't much for me.

Fisherman's Wharf again!

Couldn't resist the sweets there so I bought a lollipop, hehe

Decided to have lunch at the fisherman's wharf again since we were there and all hungry.

One super cute video I managed to take of the seals!!!!


And a gigantic apple... Prolly the biggest I've ever eaten. Hahahahahah

To the NTUC again.

Look what I got this time!!!! Hehehee. Kitty lipgloss rings! I can shop in their NTUCs forever.

Finally some chinese food for dinner..... Which was surprisingly good! And yep that was the end of day 3!