USA, day 10


The last day in America :'( I was so sad la. Wnted to continue staying there sooo soo bad. I even wondered what would happen if I actually just didn't board the plane and continued staying there. (Would I be considered an illegal immigrant? :o) Hahahahaha. And yea it was only 10 days actually, cuz the flight to and fro already took 2 days. But nevertheless, AN AWESOME STAY. It's like my favourite country among all that I've visited!!!! They have 4 seasons, friendly and beautiful people, wonderful places, nice clothes...... Boy, nothing more I could ask for! It's like a my ideal country to stay in :( Wld totally consider migrating to America when I hve my own family. Hahahaha.

Ok so anyway, we visited their Universal Studios on the last day!!!!!!! (K I'm gonna compare again) but seriously.... SG's USS is like, only 1/3 of theirs. Hahaha theirs is, awesomely HUGE.

FYI: You might wna lower down your volume when you're watching the videos. It contains like super high pitch screamings... Hahahaha.

Otw to the Hollywood's walk of fame first!

My gift for grandpa :) An Elvis Presley cup. Hahaha.

Then to USS! Hehehe

Preparing to take the studio tour. If you ever go there, YOU HVE TO TAKE THAT RIDE!

Bringing us around on a tram to show us how movies are filmed......

This was were the movie King Kong was filmed! It's actually not a real place. It's made up! Super cool lor!!!! I didn't even know it was fake. Hahahaha. I found out so many things about movies!

And then they showed us effects... Like how a flood is like in movies. SUPER EXCITING. HAHAHA. Technology is superb

This was where they fimed Fast and Furious!

And then Indiana Jones!


I swear I didn't see that coming. Hahahhaahaha

Desperate Housewives!

2012. Where all the natural disasters took place!

And lastly... The Grinch! (Y'know, the x'mas show?) Hehe, my fave x'mas movie since young.

Off to take the Simpsons ride. SHIOK.

Uncle: Why are you taking pictures with the ugliest cartoon I've ever seen


Shrek 4D. Which was similar to SG's!



And that was the end of my trip :( I AM SO SAD. I WNA GO BACK THERE NOW :(