USA, Day 1


So yes...... I've decided to come back to blog! After going on a somewhat hiatus for a few days which was quite a rather good break for me from the cyber world. Wished I could really stay away for a longer time. But IDK why it just didn't feel right :/ Kinda missed blogging though I've actually lost the vibe to. But the pretty pictures gives me a lil motivation :) And since I'll be home lazing around like a cough potato. I'm gonna update about my trip to America! The most beautiful place on Earth I've ever been to. (I miss being there already :()

So here's day 1! The day I left SGP :) 3 of my steady girlfriends who didn't sleep the whole night came to send me off. Even though I was only leaving for 2 weeks. Hahahahaha. How sweet?! Might sound stupid but it's the thought that counts right! Furthermore it's at Changi.... Which is so far away. And I only got to see them for an hour before I had to check in :(

And off I go~~~~~~~

Alighted at Seoul's airport for a plane transaction! And finally. After 8 tiring hours of flight. I'm at San Fransisco!!!!!!!!

One of my favourite places among all that I've visited. The shops, buildings and everything were really old school but it's so simple and pretty!!!

Otw to take the public bus to Pier 39! I REALLY LIKE THEIR BUSES. Super old school!

And here we are........

Look at how well their shops are decorated!!! So pretty. I wished the shops in Singapore could look just a bit like that :(

Ok so anyway.... I tried Dreyer's cotton candy ice cream!!!!!!! Really yumz. And the colour makes it look even yummier. Hahaha.

Proceeded to take the cruise ride!

Cute and simple signboards!!!!

Some random young girl who was jumping on the trampoline and doing somersaults in the air. Didn't manage to get shots of those but she was honestly quite amazing. I was soooooooo tempted to go try lor. But it's super ex?! Like 10 bucks for only a few minutes :/ And the trampoline might just break into half la. Hahahahahahaha.

Look at their skies.......... It looks so magnificent to the extend that it looks fake in pictures :/

The old prison which isn't in use anymore. Cool huh. What a smart idea to build a prison in the middle of the sea. Hahahaha. Gives the prisoners no chance to escape.

Went to shop a lil at the street stores before heading to the fisherman's wharf for dinner!

Took a cable car aftermath back to the hotel and shopped again at the nearby boutiques. What can I say? SHOPPING IS ALWAYS HEAVENLY. Didn't get to take pictures of the cable car and a mobile toilet though, my camera's battery died after that :( Or else I could've shown you how they actually operate the cable car! You'd be amazed by how creative these people can get.

Ok so that was it for day 1! Anyway, I hve a video to upload! One which was taken at the airport with my girlfriends! Will upload it when Erica is done with the editing :)