USA, day 4


Leaving Gilroy for Vegas!!!!

My favourite cereal of all time.... IDK if it's just me but I think their frosties are much sweeter and crunchier. Hahahaha.

Finally after half a day of travelling.........

HERE WE ARE AT VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!! A pity we weren't sitting a car with an open top... Would've just shouted at the top of my lungs. Hahahahahahah. (Watch too much movies)

The hotel we're staying in!!! Called Luxor. Built in a shape of a pyramid!!! Fucking cool and chio. It even has this super strong white lazer light shining into the sky from the top. Couldn't take a picture of the whole hotel cuz it was too huge.

Yummy dimsum for dinner! :) Then off to walk around to look at all the hotels.

At the Venetian! One of the hotels with a super unique ceiling. It's like day time 24/7 there. Hahahaha and the sky looks damn real!

Yupsss.... GELATO. Hahahahah fatty.

A video I took to show you guys how happening Vegas is at night. Hahahah. Sigh I REALLY LOVE VEGAS. It's a beautiful place. Especially at night. It looks the best when all the lights are on. I wanna go back there so badly. SOBS* :(

Kk, shall end off the entry with a picture of a limo!