To those who have been asking me about my lens and where I got them..... Here's something for you:


For only $10-$13 per pair! Can you believe it?! Fucking cheap..... I rmb they used to cost like $15 or $16 per pair. Definitely way more worth it compared to those contact lenses sold in our local optical shops. It's so much cheaper and lasts for a longer time as well! The contact lenses available here in SG only lasts for a month and costs 3x more :/ Plus Geo lens are so much nicer! And don't worry, it's definitely safe because I've worn it. I've been wearing Geo lens since 2 years ago. Hahaha.

And to those who're worried if the lenses are fake... I googled this for you.

How to spot fake geo lens (credits to the blogshop owner)

So yep, not to worry. I'm sure Geo lens are safe. Go check out the website and look at the lenses! They have lotsa different types :) I personally like the nudy brown though.

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