Movie with my boy


Last Sunday. Out with my boy for a movie before he headed off for poker, AGAIN. As usual, life is the same... To be exact, it got worse. Feels like my life has lost its meaning. Been trying my best t not be such a pessimist and to think positive but seems like nthg works. However, I've t say I'm glad I have my boy. Who's always thr for me during the weekends (Besides when he plays poker). My life seems to really revolve around only him this time round. Which honestly, sucks to the core. I swear. Because he's in army. And when he's not around, I feel like I'm a total loner. All I do everyday now is look forward to him booking out. Sigh. I don't wna be so reliant........ But I don't even hve no choice. I need to look for a job ASAP. At least do smth productive during my hols instead of wasting it at home, brooding over matters and feeling all moody. I need t keep myself occupied....

To be frank, although I really hate school, I don't even wna have holidays. The thought of a boring, unhappy holiday just makes me wna die. To the people who have a whole lot of good friends, you just don't realise how lucky you are. And how envious I am.

Good night. I love you, to death.