Updated shoe selling post


Sam Edelman Inspired Wedges

Size 37
$45 (bought at $60)

Balmain Inspired Zipper heels

Size 37
$48 (bought at $70)

Contact backatreality@live.com

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Eating Zombie sheer top
$26 (brand new)

Forever 21 boyfriend cardigan


Cotton On silver sequin crop blazer



Movie with my boy


Last Sunday. Out with my boy for a movie before he headed off for poker, AGAIN. As usual, life is the same... To be exact, it got worse. Feels like my life has lost its meaning. Been trying my best t not be such a pessimist and to think positive but seems like nthg works. However, I've t say I'm glad I have my boy. Who's always thr for me during the weekends (Besides when he plays poker). My life seems to really revolve around only him this time round. Which honestly, sucks to the core. I swear. Because he's in army. And when he's not around, I feel like I'm a total loner. All I do everyday now is look forward to him booking out. Sigh. I don't wna be so reliant........ But I don't even hve no choice. I need to look for a job ASAP. At least do smth productive during my hols instead of wasting it at home, brooding over matters and feeling all moody. I need t keep myself occupied....

To be frank, although I really hate school, I don't even wna have holidays. The thought of a boring, unhappy holiday just makes me wna die. To the people who have a whole lot of good friends, you just don't realise how lucky you are. And how envious I am.

Good night. I love you, to death.

Newton steamboat


Steamboat last Saturday! Nthg much happening after that except Poker for the boys so I guess I don't have much to type? Gotta go prepare and head out soon. School's starting on Tuesday again so I'll have to cherish my weekends. Hahaha. So yep... TILL THEN! Have a fantastic weekend. You all deserve a break!

Canon G12


Canon G12: $780
condition, 10/10 brand new
got it last week
reason for selling: father doesn't like the design, getting a new one instead
including 1 year, 3 months warranty, 4GB memory card, camera strap, charger, box

more about it > http://www.dpreview.com/news/1009/10091412canong12.asp

looking for fast deals > 96824152

For a friend



Letting go for $800 (negotiable) including camera strap, charger, camera lens and box. Condition's 9/10! Hardly used.

You can read up more about it here:

Interested parties: Contact erica.lwy@hotmail.com!



IT'S TIME TO REJOICE AND HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!! *exclaims in joy

Enduringly at long last.... The exams are over!!! Hahaha. I know it's funny but I feel so happy. Now I have all the time in the world to come online and blog. Hahaha, boy this feels good. I'm on a holiday all the way till next Tuesday! Now I can relax and finally let down my hair before I start worrying for my results on Monday again. Well I hope all of you had done well :)

Anyway, here's a last batch of photos from my 1000D! Sigh, I miss that camera already. I hope your new owner treats you well :(



To those who have been asking me about my lens and where I got them..... Here's something for you:


For only $10-$13 per pair! Can you believe it?! Fucking cheap..... I rmb they used to cost like $15 or $16 per pair. Definitely way more worth it compared to those contact lenses sold in our local optical shops. It's so much cheaper and lasts for a longer time as well! The contact lenses available here in SG only lasts for a month and costs 3x more :/ Plus Geo lens are so much nicer! And don't worry, it's definitely safe because I've worn it. I've been wearing Geo lens since 2 years ago. Hahaha.

And to those who're worried if the lenses are fake... I googled this for you.

How to spot fake geo lens (credits to the blogshop owner)

So yep, not to worry. I'm sure Geo lens are safe. Go check out the website and look at the lenses! They have lotsa different types :) I personally like the nudy brown though.

Visit melted confessions for more details!