Paper potatoess has updated with a Nasty Gal spree!!!!

Jst visited the website and I swear............ It's like a total heaven for girls?!! Girls, pls do visit tht website or else you're really missing out! I love the apparels there. Ok, actually I love everything there in fact. Wld gladly spend all my savings in that website lor. Too bad my pocket's a lil' too worn out now. Hahaha. So yes anyway, they also bring in lotsa Jeffrey Campbells shoes, wedges and all! What are you waitin' for man!!!!!! And now that paper potatoess is holding a spree for Nasty Gal, it's much more convenient for yourself! Don't hve to go thru paypal and all... And the shipping fees! Go go take a look! I promise you you'll love it :)