Princess Pony's Birthday




Spent my whole weekend at Don's chalet! Her chalet is 1023183174 times prettier than the one I booked for my b'day this year, I swear. I could've got that chalet for my b'day too!!! But I was too late and they were all fully booked :( Luckily Donna booked hers like 6 months before. Hahahah. So anyway! I had a good 2 days spent there. Esp with the presence of my dear Tigerlily, Erica. We had a HTHT that went on for 3 hours. A pretty good one! Never fail to feel better after talking to her :) Esp when we have A LOT in common to talk abt! We can really go on and on for hours without stopping. Hahaha. We even feel the same sometimes... The way we react to things and all. Even during super funny situations like *feeling cold all of a sudden* LOL! Ok I rly DK how to describe it hahaha (because I think only she knows what I mean and how I feel all the time) but do know that I LOVE U ERICA SISTA.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Look at her puppy Bijou!!! SO CUTE AND TINY RIGHT!!! Such an angel hahaha.

Okay that's all for now! I'm gonna go catch up on some drama series.