I've been trying out this hair mask for the past 2 weeks... Till date I've only used this product twice and all that I can say is it really works!

All you have to do is apply it onto your hair, massage and leave it on for 1 minute after shampooing and then rinse it off thoroughly. See, it's as simple as that! It works just like a conditioner. And I bet you a million dollars that you'll really love your hair's texture after using this hair mask because I loved mine :) My hair used to be in a terrible mess... (To those who've seen my hair or even better, FELT IT.. I'm sure y'know how terrible my hair was) I have never combed my hair. NEVER. I hated combing my hair because I never liked my hair to look too neat. Furthermore, the volume and thickness of my hair simply worsens the condition of my already-hopeless hair. Well all in all, my hair's condition sucked and it was in a irrecoverable state so I couldn't be bothered more to even care about my hair. Until I decided to try out this product! NOW I'M STARTING TO LOVE MY HAIR. Hahaha. Even my sch mates said that my hair's condition has improved :) So to those who wants to improve on your hair condition, trust me, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS PRODUCT! I'm sure you'll love the effectiveness of it :)

Here are some pictures taken after using the hair mask! Loooook, it goes with the flow~~ Hahaha so smooth-looking right! It rly was! :)

Oh and face masks! I've never used any products on my face except for face wash and sometimes, toner? But I ALWAYS use face masks! At least once a week~ I like the feeling of how smooth my face would feel everytime I finish doing one. Hahaha. I always try out different brands tho, and here's one of 'em:

They hve other diff masks too! Like Ginseng, Cucumber and many others. Visit their website for more details :)

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For my readers:

Pls note that each option consists of 10piece/- of mask each. No mixing of masks.
$17 per options/- (instead of usual price for $18) Add $2 for normal postage, $3.50 for reg postage.

There's a free gift for the

Top buyer: Free chanel rubber band worth up to $10.90

2nd top buyer, free ring worth up to $9.

(All items are directly imported from korea.)

You can also purchase the korea tee instock at only $9 instead of $10 usual price if you have purchased the masks.

Hope you'll like the products
! :)