These are the pictures taken last weekend! I know. I kinda look shitty with the braces but I can't smile properly so yep... Bear w my retarded fake smile? :/ Hahaha. I'm still trying to get used to it! Glad it's not that painful anymore tho. And sadly, I don't have any ulcers :( I've always wanted ulcers because I've never had them. (Even if I did, they were really small) I just wanted to know how it feels like to have a huge ulcer that actually hurts? Weird I know. LOL.

The first few days for me was.... HELL. I couldn't really bite and I had to resist all the XLB and burgers and all the good food!!! For a glutton like me, hahaha boy was it tough. But now I can eat anything I want again before my next visit. Ahhhhh, the thought of food simply makes me happy :>