My New Year's Eve! Spent my evening with WG watching Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. Rushed home for Reunion Dinner straight after the movie but there I am... So full of soon to be crushed anticipation. I had to eat alone. Because when I got home everyone had already eaten their fill. I did inform them that I'd be late and I thought they'd wait.... But, sigh. Oh well. Blame no one but myself for being such a tardy queen. At least I had my fair share of home cooked food :> No 5 star restaurant could compare to that.

Anyway, I've never read the Percy Jackson book or heard of it at all but overall I actually found the film to be pretty good (for what it was). It motivates me to accumulate some super powers. (Which I know is totally impossible. I just enjoy living in my own world) Hahahaha. Having said that, I think I had my eyes on Logan Lerman the whole time.... Hahahahahahha he's one hell of a cute dude. I bet you girls were lookin' out for Percy Jackson's real name at the end of the movie when the credits came up right... Because that's exactly what I did. Bwahahaha!!