2nd day of new year @ Donna's place! Some mini casino going on hahahaha. Basically all tht they did was gamble and gamble. Dew, Erica and I were the only ones not gambling. We jst played with photobooth and watched Kung Fu Hustle. Hahahaha I know it sounds boring, but it really wasn't that bad! Some good bonding time tgt.

Oh anyway.... HAPPY (BELATED) NEW YEAR AND VALENTINE'S GUYS! Sorry for always being late in wishing y'all. Hope you guys had a good time bonding w/ your loved ones :> Go bai more nian and get more angpaos! This is the only time of the year when you'll get to get lotsa money and get to shop for all you want. Hahaha.

Half of the mini casino hahahaha.

Now for the photobooth pictures:

LOL, ALIEN INVASION HAHAHA. Ok now time to go! Until then! Be back when I'm back. ^^v