2nd day of new year @ Donna's place! Some mini casino going on hahahaha. Basically all tht they did was gamble and gamble. Dew, Erica and I were the only ones not gambling. We jst played with photobooth and watched Kung Fu Hustle. Hahahaha I know it sounds boring, but it really wasn't that bad! Some good bonding time tgt.

Oh anyway.... HAPPY (BELATED) NEW YEAR AND VALENTINE'S GUYS! Sorry for always being late in wishing y'all. Hope you guys had a good time bonding w/ your loved ones :> Go bai more nian and get more angpaos! This is the only time of the year when you'll get to get lotsa money and get to shop for all you want. Hahaha.

Half of the mini casino hahahaha.

Now for the photobooth pictures:

LOL, ALIEN INVASION HAHAHA. Ok now time to go! Until then! Be back when I'm back. ^^v



Size 37
Color: Brown
Heels Height: ~3cm
Price: S$36

Meetup only in town area
Worn less than 3 times.
(P/S: Belt on the shoe is not included. Looks better w/o the belt)

Leave your e-mail down if interested.


My New Year's Eve! Spent my evening with WG watching Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. Rushed home for Reunion Dinner straight after the movie but there I am... So full of soon to be crushed anticipation. I had to eat alone. Because when I got home everyone had already eaten their fill. I did inform them that I'd be late and I thought they'd wait.... But, sigh. Oh well. Blame no one but myself for being such a tardy queen. At least I had my fair share of home cooked food :> No 5 star restaurant could compare to that.

Anyway, I've never read the Percy Jackson book or heard of it at all but overall I actually found the film to be pretty good (for what it was). It motivates me to accumulate some super powers. (Which I know is totally impossible. I just enjoy living in my own world) Hahahaha. Having said that, I think I had my eyes on Logan Lerman the whole time.... Hahahahahahha he's one hell of a cute dude. I bet you girls were lookin' out for Percy Jackson's real name at the end of the movie when the credits came up right... Because that's exactly what I did. Bwahahaha!!

Happy birthday me!


I'm back to update about my birthday! Finally the photos are up on Imageshack... But unfortunately the photos are taking forever to load up onto FB and I can't tag y'all because Java's being a big time bitch and I hafta upload them 5 by 5. Besides there're like 300+ pictures in total? Sorry everyone, I'll upload all the pictures ASAP ok! Meanwhile you can get the rest of the pictures here first? Been really busy w/ school and all the birthdays comin' up soo... Yep. They rest will be up on FB real soon k! :>

Ok soo... On the 5th of Feb I turned 15! It’s an odd thing. I sure don’t feel 15. Hahaha and this I must say, I had a great birthday. Receiving all the warm wishes, texts/calls on the 4th of Feb when the clock struck 12, and of course having fun at the chalet. I was pretty glad that there were so many friends who actually remembered my birthday and took the effort to wish me :> Via calls, surprises, texts, or even comments... I'd like to thank you all deeply for all the heartful wishes :>

And of course to all the sweethearts who came for my birthday: Thank y'all for turning up and for all the presents that you actually bothered to prepare! Thou it wasn't the chalet that I wanted to book at first and it was so cramped up... You guys made the party all worthwhile :> Thank y'all for taking care of me when I was wasted (ESP my dearest WG) and thank (YOU ALL SO MUCH) for making me a merlion... Hahahaha.

Last but not least, to all the babies around me who helped me out with the chalet booking... The buying of BBQ food, carrying of 2342516 plastic bags to the chalet, volunteering to cook noodles, trying to help out by bringing all the other necessary stuffs that I needed and etc... THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH.

Well to make it short and sweet... Thank you guys for everything! I had a kick ass 15th birthday with all the presence of you lovely people. Hahaha I swear, nothing beats spending quality time with friends. Esp with those who never fails to make you laugh all the time.

I just had to post this up... I'm sorry Ang Jie. WAHAHAHA YOU LOOK SO DAMN FUNNY.

Pictures from Eunice's camera:

Before I end the pictures for day 1. Here's one last sweet picture of SX and I!

Heehehehe aww~ Anyway, in case you didn't notice... My face didn't really appear much in the pictures on day 1. Mainly because I was gone before I realised it. Hahahaha. (ALL THX TO CINDY) Sadly I didn't get to take pictures w/ every single of them but still... It was so great to see them all :>

Here's day 2:

And this was the last day in the morn before we booked out!



THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PRESENTS AGAIN! And for making my birthday such a memorable one. I'll never forget that I was such a happy girl this birthday :> XOXO x trinity.