This was... Our 8th month 2 weeks back! Didn't get to post the pictures because (like I said)... I reformatted my mmcard accidentally, but the company I sent my mmcard to managed to retrieve them. Unfortunately, I lost the pictures that night at Butter during the Diplo event :(

Happy (belated) 8th baby!

It's pretty surprising I managed to get together with someone so forgiving and lovely. I really didn't expect it 'cuz all my past boyfriends are umm...... Ok yeah basically, not as awesome as he is. And it's even more surprising to know that there's someone out there like him who's so tolerant of my stupid attitude and gives in all the time. As much as I know, I haven't been a good girlfriend material. If it weren't for him I bet we'd be quarreling the whole time. So.... I'd like to thank you baby for your unconditional love and for always giving in. Thx to you, for these 8 months we haven't quarreled that bad at all and we managed to make it through. We'll stay like this forever. I love you and I'll always do, as long as time allows me. Thx for the dress btw.... You sweet child :> I'm going to wear it on my birthday!