This was my Saturday. It was a really tiring and lethargic day for me... I slept for only 4 hours the night before. But fortunately I still managed to make it for Marcus' birthday in the morning at ECP thanks to Vans for coming over to wake me up. We didn't do much. Practically sat at Mac the whole morning doing nothing, talking crap and camwhoring. (The pictures below tells it all) It was some good catching up though. Met my baby boy after that in town and I started to get really sleepy and moodless. Hate how I always get so fucked up when I'm tired. Glad he was tolerant enough to put up with my cranky attitude... And I was supposed to accompany him watch Avatard 3D but as usual, I fell asleep in the cinema even before half an hour of the movie. Though he hasn't said anything, I feel as guilty as ever. See, this is the outcome of having a boyfriend who's too good for you. Hahaha.