Hehe, look at that china man beside you. So hey dudette, don't let those overflowing emotions get to you. We may have teenage angst within us sometimes, but that, will one day be history. Everyone I've seen you know, is like, a fading flower. Perhaps you might be thinking, your life sucks, it's so botched up. But let me assure you, my dear, only true friends stick by one another, so don't let people like 'em get you down.

Where have you been? Somewhere in Wonderland, searching for your lost dreams, or somewhere deep in your heart, enquiring the life answers that question your very doubts? I'm sure, one day, you'll be able to break free from this labryinth and get the answers you desire.

P.S: And hell, you know what? I'll be there when you need me.

Mucho love;