Friday: Met Mummy Love!! Off to celebrate Bby's birthday :> Had Fish & Co~ And the staffs there made him stand on the chair and blow the candle without bending down. They even sang a funny birthday song hahahaha.. Really cute staffs! So anyway I had fun because I was laughing the whole time!! It feels really good :> I hope you had fun too Baby boy!

Happy Birthday Sexy. I hope you like the gifts :>

Today: Met Eunice and Kden at Cathay!! Aww it was good seeing them together :> Oh anyway, we caught The Ugly Truth after they left. Really sweet and funny show. Had quite a good laugh. Caught Phobia 2 too btw! Along with Marrcus, Hos and Hannah. Mmm... Pretty lame show I guess? If it wasn't for the sound effects I don't think I would be freaked out at all. The stories were quite meaningless. Though the last story did make me laugh. But still it wasn't as good. I thought Thailand horror films were supposed to scare the shit outta us. Well... Guess this one was different...? Hahaha.